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The watch making industry is vast with several different brands out there. We are, may be more familiar with Swiss made watches than the Japanese, American or German made watches. So, it is highly likely that you’ll find the perfect timepiece just for your needs from any of the several brands out there. One among the many watch brands is Aries Gold, a brand that is wholly designed and manufactured in Singapore.

What captured my attention was the vibrant appeal and the superb construction of the Aries Gold watches – features that certainly set them apart from the huge competition out there. Not only that, the radically affordable price range of Aries Gold watches is another attraction for a buyer who is looking for a luxury watch for a reasonable price tag and, this was where the Aries Gold brand story began in 1970 – the price tag of luxury watches.

C K Woo, disillusioned by the astronomical prices of luxury watches set up his own brand to bring finest quality watches and accessories to the customer at reasonable prices. Since 1959 C K Woo had started a trend of creating personalised timepieces which bore the mark of quality. With his strong passion for watches, he continued this trend with the Aries Gold brand by focussing on quality and personalisation of the timepieces.

The Aries Gold brand has its own in-house watch designing and manufacturing team that has creative minds from all over the world collaborating to produce the finest of timepieces that money can buy. The high-tech manufacturing facilities located in Singapore allow the brand to create customised, high quality timepieces within a few days. Today, Aries Gold is a well-known international brand that has a presence in more than 35 countries.

Aries Gold Collection can be divided into four categories namely Infinium, Inspire, Urban and Enchant. Irrespective of whether you want a minimalistic timepiece or an underrated style or one with more visual features, you’ll surely find a piece to fit your wrist with the Aries Gold brand.

With the use of quality components like sapphire crystal, anti-reflective coating, stainless steel cases and bracelets, top quality automatic movements, the affordable price of Aries Gold timepieces make them all the more impressive.

Aries Gold timepieces are the perfect choice for a gift item – each watch can be personalised to give it meaning, which adds sentiment to the gesture of gifting. You could find an Aries Gold timepiece of your choice at one of the many online watch stores. However, I’d recommend ( for a cool deal. I was particularly impressed with the price tag of $371 for the handsome Aries Gold Inspire Jolter Quartz G 7008 S-BK Men’s Watch and am considering getting it for myself…how about you?

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