Citizen Eco Drive – for the Environmentally Conscious


As a kid, I grew up watching my dad wearing a nice wrist watch with gold hands and hour markers that looked simple yet elegant. His timepiece kept perfect time and he wore it every day for several years without any complaints. On searching the internet, I discovered it to be a Citizen Super Deluxe from the 1960s, and became an instant fan of the Citizen brand.

The Citizen watch is the leading product of a Japanese watch manufacturing conglomerate. It is extremely popular among watch enthusiasts and lay persons alike. I’ve been wearing the Citizen brand since a long time now and in fact, whenever I think of getting a watch, my first preference is towards the Citizen brand.

There are several reasons for my loyalty to the Citizen brand. Firstly, they are known to make some really good quality watches. These may not be fancy looking designer pieces, but they really pack a punch when it comes to features, functionality and usability.

Over the years, Citizen has kept up with its slogan “better starts now” – the company always strives to produce something better than their last offering. As such, over the years they have been offering timepieces with added functions and features.

Citizen brand offers a variety of features in their wristwatches – from atomic time keeping, chronograph and tachymeter functions, moon phase and water-resistant dive watches to the most well-known Eco Drive watches. Eco Drive technology uses artificial or natural light to charge a lithium ion battery cell to run the watch. So, no more use of disposable batteries that ruin the environment.

While looking at online deals for a daily wear watch for my sister, the Citizen Eco Drive FE1081-08A Women’s Watch caught my attention for its simple but practical design. The main function of a wrist watch is to show you the time, isn’t it? That’s what this piece does. The clear white uncluttered dial with thick, black hour numerals and black hands gives you the time at a glance. It’s a simple watch and great for everyday wear.  The black leather strap contrasting the clear white dial lends a no-nonsense look to this very essential accessory.

My sister, being an environmentally conscious person, loved the watch especially for its Eco-Drive feature. And, I was happy to get a great deal on this Citizen Women’s Watch from

What I love about the Citizen brand is that they and come up with great looking and classy designs in keeping with the times. Although I wouldn’t classify a Citizen watch as a designer piece, I’d still say the timepieces stand up to the competition for their practicality and functionality.

If you’ve been suitably impressed by my narrative, check out for more choices and great deals on men’s and women’s wristwatches, not only for Citizen watches but for other brands as well.

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