Furla Watches – A Vibrant Colour Palette


You never know what Google might throw up!

A few days ago, I was googling for a classic women’s watch, and came across the Furla watch collection. The vibrant and colourful timepieces attracted me and I went about searching for more models and designs. Basically, I wanted a beautiful, but elegant timepiece for a dear friend whose birthday was fast approaching.

What struck me about the Furla brand is that the timepieces are designed keeping the feminine tastes in mind. The brand seems to caters exclusively to women.  Women tend to choose pretty, designer watches to match their apparel for the day and Furla seems to know this well.

Digging deeper, I found out that Furla is an Italian company that started off with leather goods and also now manufactures several other products and accessories. The brand signifies a contemporary Italian lifestyle, one that is associated with colour and vibrancy, a theme that is carried on to their line of finely crafted women’s watches.

Furla women’s watches are beautiful, exclusive and uniquely designed pieces that would complete any woman’s wardrobe. In fact, as I was browsing through their collection, I realized that the joyful spirit that is the embodiment of life – that’s the Furla woman’s watch!

Looking at the huge collection of watches form Furla, I could not help but notice that their designs are inspired by nature. Flowers, butterflies, stars and beautiful motifs make the Furla watches unique

Furla Giada Date R4251121505 Quartz Women's Watch

The Furla Giada Date R4251121505 Quartz Women’s Watch is a classy timepiece. The rose gold stainless steel case emphasizes the stark black dial. The clean, uncluttered face is covered by a scratch resistant mineral crystal and the watch is powered by a quartz movement. This Furla Giada watch model is a simple piece showing you the time at a glance. The pointer date function is the only additional feature in this beautiful Furla timepiece. If you’re not too keen on the black dial, you could choose the white silver dial with stainless steel mesh bracelet or with white leather strap.

Furla women’s watches are distinctive due to their vibrant colours that are matched to the leather straps. In fact, some models have the motifs on the watch face continue on to the colour co-ordinated leather straps.  Furla crafts colourful, creative and pretty timepieces that every woman would love to have. These cute timepieces could easily double up as a classy fashion accessory.

Furla offers a wide range of watch collections, each unique in its own way. Take your pick from the Furla Club collection or the Furla Stacy collection that features pretty and dainty watches or the Furla Elisir Collection which offers unique rectangular shaped wrist watches.

Being reasonably priced, these beautiful timepieces could be classified as an affordable luxury. Each Furla timepiece is unique in their colours and design. For the fashion-conscious woman of today, these are a “must have” accessory and the best place to buy it is https://www.citywatches.ca
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