Nixon Time Teller Quartz A045-1932-00 Men’s Watch


With all the complicated gizmos available these days, not many folks go for the simple stuff. The latest cell phone model or the latest designer jacket or that wrist watch with innumerable features, this is what people crave. Contrary to the general trend, the simple things in life give me immense pleasure. These are little things or unassuming moments which cost little or no money, yet present an enjoyable experience. It could be the chirping of a bird in the garden or the pleasure of a warm day or simply waking up after a good night’s sleep, refreshed and ready to take on the stress of the day.

My taste for the simple carries on to my purchases as well. I believe that simple things have their own charm so, whether it is accessories or clothes, my choice is to always go for the unpretentious stuff. As I surfed the net for a suitable birthday gift for my nephew, the Nixon A045-1932-00 caught my attention for its simplistic design – a basic watch that just tells you the time. It was aptly called the Nixon Time Teller Quartz A045-1932-00 Men’s Watch.

With just the time telling feature and a decent 100m water resistance capability, the Nixon Time Teller Quartz may not be appealing to many. It is a basic timepiece, performing the only function it is meant to – of telling you the time. The Nixon Time Teller takes you back a few decades to an era where everything was uncomplicated and uncluttered.

The Nixon Time Teller’s stainless-steel case in a rose gold tint gives the watch an elegant finesse.  But it looked like a small watch, could it also be worn by the ladies? At 37 mm case diameter and 9 mm case thickness, it is a perfect fit for the small wristed gents or may even pass off as a unisex timepiece in my opinion. The hardened mineral crystal takes on the scratches and abrasions associated with daily use with great ease.

Nixon Time Teller Quartz A045-1932-00 Men's Watch

Custom moulded hands are well proportioned to the simple hour markers giving the dial a clean look. The only elaboration is the Nixon logo at the 3 o’clock position which lends some definition to the overall appearance of the watch. The leather strap with rose gold tinted buckle clasp adds to the grace of this simple timepiece.

At Citywatches (, the Canadian online watch store, the Nixon Time Teller Quartz A045-1932-00 Men’s Watch was being offered for $84, which was reasonable enough price for a basic timepiece.

Nixon Time Teller Quartz A045-1932-00 Men’s Watch is ideal for everyday wear if you are looking for a watch without the clutter of several complicated features that seem to be the norm these days. Besides, the Nixon Time Teller Quartz A045-1932-00 serves as an inexpensive, well-made, durable addition to your collection.

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