The Seiko Story

For those who value perfection, Seiko is a familiar name – a brand that has been manufacturing handmade watches since 1881. Undoubtedly, Seiko has a rich history of watch-making; that of creating classic timepieces that are elegant as well as functional yet don’t break the bank. From the most affordable Seiko 5 collection to the Grand Seiko, which is the watch enthusiasts dream, and everything in between, Seiko has been transforming the watch industry for more than a century with its innovative timepieces.

Over the years, Seiko has given the world many vintage watches. It all started in 1881 with the young entrepreneur Kintaro Hattori selling and repairing watches in a small shop in Tokyo. In 1892, he formed Seikosha where he created the first clocks of the brand which was to become one of the most popular and well-known watch manufacturers. It was here that he built the first pocket watch in 1895 which marked the beginnings of the first Japanese wrist watch “Laurel” to be made in 1913.

The first Seiko wrist watch was marketed in 1924. From then on, Seiko achieved many milestones until 1960 when their signature timepiece ‘The Grand Seiko’ was launched. A team of skilled watchmakers were assigned to create the best watch to signify the peak of Seiko’s excellence in mechanical watchmaking – a watch that would be the most accurate, legible and durable than any other watch.

In 1969, Seiko achieved two milestones: The introduction of the world’s first automatic chronograph and the launch of the Seiko Astron, the world’s first quartz watch. In the next fifty years, Seiko would have a number of firsts to its credit – the introduction of the first 6-digit LCD quartz watch, the first multifunction digital watch in 1975, the first professional diver’s watch with a titanium case and many more.

Seiko was constantly innovating and improving upon its technologies. The brand strived to create “no battery change ” technology ever since the creation of the quartz watch. In 1977 it offered the world a solar powered watch and in 1986 the first watch to use hand movements to power the quartz watch which was later known as the Seiko Kinetic. Seiko brand still carries on with its innovations giving the watch enthusiast a chance to look forward to the latest model and design from its stables.

One such elegant Seiko timepiece is the Seiko Presage Automatic Power Reserve Japan Made SARW025 Men’s Watch. Seiko Presage SARW025 from Seiko Presage collection appears to be a tribute to the first Japanese wrist watch created by Seiko – the Laurel.  The round stainless-steel case with the white dial and font of the Arabic numerals matching that of the Laurel is reminiscent of that vintage era. However, the SARW025 offers all the trappings of the modern-day wristwatch – the Japanese automatic movement, power reserve feature, anti-magnetic and water resistance capability.   It and several other timepieces are available at

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