The Tissot PR 100 – Swiss-made Precision Engineering with Class


My watch of 10 years was look rather out-dated and I felt it needed replacing. Naturally, I did what most people do today – go online and do a search for brands and watch models that had good reviews.

Tissot T-Classic PR 100 Quartz Swiss Made T101.410.16.031.00 T1014101603100 Men's WatchThe watch that came up on top consistently was the Tissot PR 100, a classic beauty that looked elegant and symbolized quality at the same time. Being a junior engineer on a modest income, I was looking for something affordable – the Tissot PR 100 met that criteria too.

The Tissot brand is centuries old and symbolises luxury, elegance and a classic style that is loved the world over. Personally, I feel that the Tissot PR 100 not only is everything I mentioned above, it also makes a style statement. In fact, just about every watch in their T-Classic Collection of Gents watches makes an elegant style statement.

Looking at the details, I find that the Tissot PR 100 (Watch Model No: T101.410.16.031.00), is Swiss made watch, with quartz movement and battery life of about two years. Moreover, the watch has a battery life indicator.

The Tissot PR 100 is a very versatile piece available in several colours and you can choose your timepiece from among metallic bracelets or leather straps. The watch case is made of stainless steel and uses a sapphire crystal. The bracelet has a high-quality finish and fits well with the watch case ensuring it is comfortable on your wrist. You might even want to go for one with a leather strap instead of metallic bracelet… in fact, I found the watch with leather strap much more appealing.

Tissot T-Classic Everytime Quartz T109.610.16.037.00 T1096101603700 Men's WatchOn receiving my Tissot PR 100, I opened the package and was more than impressed by the watch. It is hardy, extremely lightweight and exudes an aesthetic beauty that few wrist watches can boast of. During my online research, I found that it is available in various dial colours that include silver, white, blue and black with gold or silver highlights. My choice was for the black with gold highlights. It looks awesome.

In my opinion, the Tissot PR 100 is an amazing timepiece that looks equally cool with a suit or party wear. Apart from being sturdy, it is also water resistant and scratch proof.

I bought my Tissot PR 100 Watch Model T101.410.16.031.00 online at City Watches is offering a huge discount so you could own the Tissot PR 100 at an extremely reasonable price and believe me, it’s worth every penny you spend. Surely, my silver dial, leather strapped Tissot PR 100 is a wrist watch for keeps. is a premier online store for wrist watches in Canada. I found they had some of the best deals on ladies and gents watches of various brands at this online store and also provide free shipping.  The store stocks several well known watch brands, so take a look at huge collection. I’m sure you’ll find something to your taste.

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