Why Is Orient Bambino The Most Trending Thing Now?

Orient Bambino

A simple, one-word answer to that question would obviously be a “Great price”, but there’s more to it!

Opinions vary only to come down to the same conclusion: Orient watches are first-grade choices for those who know about automatic timepieces. Leave those fantastic colors and classic styles behind; an Orient is an epitome of where mechanical watches can go if backed by a state-of-the-art technology and design expertise. Moreover, not a single thing about them is outsourced!
Still, for the cynics out there:
•         An Orient Bambino is exceptionally accurate and reliable compared to any other mechanical automatic watch within the price range.
•         No other dress watch of this quality is this affordable and versatile!
•         An Orient Bambino is a fantastic option as your first watch that doesn’t take a whole lot of maintenance or regular care; yet it keeps on beating as if it’s just out of the box even years later.

Orient Classic Bambino Automatic Open Heart Japan Made RA-AG0003S00C Men's Watch
Now, let’s be elaborate. The Bambino has a clean look and style that carefully avoids being bland, boring or bare. It’s correct that the Bambino promotes minimalism without any bar but its ‘carefully bare’ design fits seamlessly into a variety of looks and dressing styles. Whether you are dressing up or dressing down, an Orient Bambino – doesn’t matter if it belongs to the first or the second or the fifth generation – is always going to make you look good!
All that said; let’s have a look at the different versions of the Orient Bambino.
The first generation of the Bambino has three ‘versions’ or styles while the second generation comes in upgrades to the previous three plus an extra version. The BambinoSmall Seconds with its Roman numerals or the ‘open-heart’ versions – all take design styles covering both generations; combining everything with an open heart! Getting a view of the internal 48743, F6T22 or F6722 movement is an allure no doubt!
Distinct dial styles define every Orient Bambino while keeping true to its basic clean and simple look! Dress watches like the Version 1 are noticeable due to their thicker, pointed hour markings and their triangular hands while Version 2 has Roman Numerals, train-track chapter rings and a dial more crowded but still bearing that sophisticated look.
For Version 3, a very clean, Bauhaus-ish design concept persists. Very clean and simple, it’s squared-off in its every component. The quadrant markers being thicker, time reading is no problem.
Version 4 is close to Version 1 but with more refinement and larger dimensions than any of the previous three versions.
While reliability and quality are the same in all the versions, it’s from the Gen 2 Orient Bambino you’ll have the pleasure of winding and hacking seconds.
Finding a color and a style you will be pleased with is always easier with an Orient Bambino!

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