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Thomas Earnshaw Watches

Named after the English watch maker Thomas Earnshaw. Today’s Thomas Earnshaw Watches honour and celebrate the way watches were back in the 1700s. Evident from the unique finishes applied manually, every Thomas Earnshaw watch radiates that aura personal to its wearer.
All Thomas Earnshaw Automatic Watches carry an inspiration behind from the early chronometers that Charles Darwin used himself while on his voyage in the Beagle. However, they are still as highly accurate as they used to be during those days. Now some of them are designing to show all that’s behind that accuracy. The Thomas Earnshaw Skeleton Watch collection is a separate one that stands out from the rest. Greatly alluring to even someone without even a speck of knowledge about the intricacies of a mechanical watch. Excellence and elegance blended through expert craftsmanship, forming the very core of the entire range of Thomas Earnshaw timepieces.