SNE439P1- Seiko Prospex Solar divers


This is the watch under the Seiko Prospex Diver’s watch collection. The Seiko Presage collection was once disregarded amongst the mania surrounding Grand Seiko and the brand’s more tool-y watches but to those  in the know, this assortment has developed into a great choice of watches with increasing levels of finishing, workmanship, and prices.
Since 1965, Seiko has incessantly pressed back the limits in diver’s watch expertise. Today, two landmarks in this memorable record are privileged in the new Prospex creations. In 1968, Seiko brought in Japan’s first hi-beat divers and, ten years later, the world’s first quartz saturation diver’s watch was produced. Now, these two important watches are remembered in remembrance that bring the latest in Seiko’s high expertise watch making to those who toil in and take pleasure in the underwater world.
The new Seiko Prospex Diver’s watches are a bit lighter in all aspects than its 1968 , has a thinner bezel, with contemporary colors and hands. A 200 meter water resistance and incorporation f a 6R15 caliber, helps to make it lighter and slimmer. The SNE439P1- Seiko Prospex Solar divers watch, has a go- green message attached to it, being that it is solar powered and does not depend on cells to produce power. It has an analog display and a hardlex, crystal power case cover. The strap is silicone and the case cover is Cermet, a unique mixture of ceramics and metal together. This material is eight times harder than steel so offers an even higher level of shock protection but also allows the creation of a unique metallic finish
The bezel being unidirectional is a sort of a dampener and the date calendar shows the date only. The day and date would have been a better option though given the price and the brand. The hands are illuminating and even the markers. Even the watch once fully charged will give a 10-month power reserve.
To commemorate the 40th anniversary of Seiko’s invention of the world’s first professional quartz diver’s watch, this landmark timepiece is faithfully re-created in design but re-invented with Seiko’s latest technology and materials. It features all the innovations that Seiko brought to diver’s watches in the 1970’s, including the double layer construction with one piece inner case, the L-shaped gasket for helium resistance and the accordion-style strap. This new commemorative version is offered with a high-strength silicone strap for enhanced wear ability both outside a wetsuit and directly on the wrist.
When we say, “as if quartz never happened,” we are not just referring to quality; butalso referring to price and approach as well. This is purely realistic watch making; the movements are industrial-grade workhorses, not diminutive works of art celebrating artisanal skills. They are evidently designed to take a beating, and they are also perceptibly designed to either last fundamentally indefinitely, or be effortless to replace, depending on how hard you are on them. I’ve seen Seiko dive watches, on the wrists of metropolitan high end horology enthusiasts, whose other watches are Journes and Pateks; globe roving divers/sailors/climbers/spelunkers; students and other people just starting out in fine watch making; and people who just want a watch they can beat the crap out of without worry and who find the idea of replacing a battery unattractive.

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