Aries Gold- A Luxury Made in Singapore

Aries Gold

It was CK Woo, who felt that the watch lovers who are not so heavy on their pockets need something to flaunt on their wrist, which would give a competition to the luxurious competitors. This was in 1970. Since then, the brand has made a name in the horological world and among the watch lovers who have a desire to wear something luxurious but are unable to afford them.
Aries Gold Inspire Drifter Chronograph Quartz G 7001 BK-OUT Men's WatchIt is not, something unusual that Woo, thought of, but the materials used in the watches are all that can compete with any pricey watch on the block. Hence, the tag line can go as “Delivering premium at a fairly radical price”. Aries Gold , has carved a niche market for itself especially in the 28 countries like, USA, Germany, Australia. It is something very unusual and impressive at the same time. Apart from this the brand has been fortunate enough to enter the youth world with tying up with rock bands like FOO FIGHTERS and AEROSMITH.
Miyota 82S0, is the finest handcrafted automatic caliber that the brand uses. Aries Gold, did break new grounds and made a mark. The watches in the brands collection are all within 500 dollars, which make a perfect gift to give it to your near and dear ones.
All the watches of Aries Gold are, fitted with sapphire crystal dial cover which are anti reflective and scratch proof. The cases are all tested for water resistance and only these materials are used which pass the scrupulous tests. On the scratch resistant and hardness scale the sapphire crystal case over is only less tough than the diamond. The coating on the cover is done with a anti reflective substance that can make the time watching easier in the rich lights. The blue color coating, o the other hand helps in entering more light to reflect the dial clearly.
As for then watches that are fitted with crystals, they are authentic Swarovski elements. Therefore, there is no ban in flaunting it with élan. With the crystals engraved in gold cases, the watches gain more grace and glamour. The stainless steel that the watches are made of is obtained through a patented smelting process resulting in a superlatively full-bodied alloy with ultra-high tensile strength. Its low carbon content also makes it predominantly opposed to corrosion due to daily wear, such as perspiration and moisture.
The leather used in the Aries Gold wristwatch bands are made of leather ordered from the special tanneries and are borne from some finest ilk, from Hessen, Germany. The bands are mainly hand stitched which gives them the vintage feeling, a class above.
All Aries Gold watches come with a warranty which is for the lifetime. Therefore, can be said that a timepiece which can be kept for a lifetime.

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